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A Game of Permutations and Combinations_


A Game of Permutations and Combinations (set of 16 lithography) is derived from our day to day reaction of almost anything, where we want things to go our way, due to which we achieve certain things and end up neglecting others. It is a constant compromise; it becomes a game. Abhishek Narayan Verma’s inspiration from the current politics and conflicts between rational and irrational compelled him to build his own narration in layers of thought with an introspective outlook. Protagonist here enacting the act inside an interior space is portrayed consciously to create the situation where, what if the confidential propagandas/ agendas made for public which are supposed to be happening in an external space is performed behind the door instead of taking place in front of the outer world. Not showing the faces of figures is a kind of self-censorship and to create a certain ambiguity at the same time. When you only see a person in their setting, they tend to take up that identity and become part of that social set-up.

The lithographic process is in itself such a game, where Abhishek would draw multiple images on the stone and later decide on one image that resonated best with him while neglecting or rejecting the others. It’s like a strategy to which ideas and thoughts are constantly being added and subtracted to find the right amount of 'affect'.

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1.Dysfucktional Family Reunion_ by Abhis


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