Black Stars are Shining Very Bright_by A


With Black Stars are Shining Very Bright Abhishek tries to generate a situational storytelling with autobiographical references along with myths and popular sayings. While hearing a myth or folk stories his mind, he says,  bursts with  many images and characters. It is also something which gives him foot to thought. Taking self-reference and portraying himself as a protagonist, he enacts a solo play encountering the mundane situations by grasping a character who can fall, rise and again start exploring by dragging behind the struggles and fear of uncertainty within, with the settings of urban conveniences and relationships. By making those elements face each other it helps him allow the tension with an approach for contemplative depth and talks about improving oneself in this society with a situational drama. It is like a dialogue within and responding to various circumstances by commenting on oneself to mould towards perfection. Dealing with anxious moments which ironically describe the events that cause discomfort which sometimes leads us to the desire to achieve and overcome the social periphery, and we always fight with the anxiety to prove one.


Black Stars Are Shining Very Bright I


Black Stars Are Shining Very Bright II


Black Stars Are Shining Very Bright III


Black Stars Are Shining Very Bright IV


Diary of an Idler