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1. Dysfucktional Family Reunion_ by Abhi


Childhood memories and moral stories create heroes of our lives. Growing up listening to the moral stories under the lantern and assuming them to be real was the bud for this series Dysfucktional Family Reunion. Abhishek Narayan Verma was taught about the do’s and don’t and got lessons on moral values and ethics from the very beginning but when he came out and faced society the definition for hero changed. Abhishek was unable to find his heroes, with the growing age and maturity all started demolishing and then a sense of violation of ideals began. The artist reacted to the disturbances around him and tried to mix absurdity with the recognizable. Slowly the heroes of society on the pedestals got removed and the day to day incidents and situations stood up on the pedestal. As he was violating the images Abhishek also thought of a twist in the title and “dysfunctional” became “dysfucktional”.

Dysfucktional Family Reunion: Bio
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