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1. A State of Flux_by Abhishek Narayan V


During his Bachelor’s, Abhishek Narayan Verma had his first brush with this medium. For his Master’s, he started exploring lithography trying to solve its complexities and searching new possibilities. At times, the artist was overcome by the medium. He is still trying and has been working extensively and created a reasonable amount of work which also shows his struggles and mistakes.

In Abhishek Narayan’s etchings, there is satirisation, of situations and of characters, sometimes displaying common idioms in a performative, theatrical setting. When he satirises the situations in his etchings, the relationship of the key visuals to the personal then becomes detached, capturing a monumentary moment, as serious as it may be, but through humour. The gap of seriousness in itself, perhaps as a victim narration, is then collapsed, allowing the tension to, although not die, but to thin. The humour itself becomes the bearer of seriousness, and allows an approach to a contemplative depth.

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