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Funambulist - Story of a Dynamic Equilib


In the series of works Funambulist: Story of A Dynamic Equilibrium, Abhishek Narayan Verma uses situational storytelling as a narrative of present times taking shape in response to our  faiths and beliefs, gratification of physical desires, atrocities, flaws in the governance,  socio-political conditionings and the conflicts while living in the contemporary culture with a  pinch of humour and absurdity. While the image itself depicts a lot, using text signs and  symbols in his works creates new associations beyond the initial impact of the imagery. It  gives a direction of thought, either amplifying one’s impressions, or forcing a reroute. As  the whole world is going through these unprecedented times due to the pandemic, things  are getting tough, uncertain and we are forced to accept new narratives by restructuring  our lives accordingly. In the displayed artworks, the protagonist is trying to find a cognitive  space, a fine balance, metaphysical control of emptiness and solitude while keeping  himself busy searching for precision and a dynamic equilibrium as a lifestyle, and  seamless adaptation capacity. The series also reflects upon various influences and  everyday conditions of the artist’s own world. These everyday conditions make up the existence  of the characters he depicts. They become their hope and anxiety, their escape and  frustration. The various selves are in a constant fixation with Eros and Thanatos and also  an approach towards how to feel comfortable even in a situation that one needs to consider as critical and dangerous. 

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