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13. Mr. Blower and his Balloons_by Abhis


Mr. Blower and His Balloons (set of 21; 10.5 x 10 inches each, gouache on paper, 2020) is a response to the lockdown situation (initially the first phase of 21 days lockdown in India) which was tough as we were forced to live in our houses. So, here Mr. Blower and his black balloon indicate the mental situation while living in a closed space for so long. The intense darkness (in form of a black balloon) refers to the stress and the anxious situation within us due to not being able to meet closed ones and is also a struggle for self sustenance. In these artworks, Mr. Idler is busy doing this job and sometimes he is controlling the situation, sometimes the situation is taking control over him. 

The Irony is that due to the lockdown situation being “idle" is now considered something positive and much appreciated.

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